What’s Old is New Again

The more things change in coaching, the more they stay the same.

There’s a common refrain in the baseball coaching space. I’m sure it’s in other sports, too.

It goes something like this:

“The best coaches in the future will be the ones who not only understand the data but can communicate it to the players.”

Ummm… no duh?

While the sentiment is undeniably true, it’s not saying anything different, anything new.

Because the best coaches have always been the ones who could take in a range of available inputs (data), synthesize them in their minds (build understanding), and then use that understanding to influence player behavior and improve outcomes (communication & instruction).

Said differently, the best coaches have always been (and always will be) those who leverage all available data to sharpen their communication and produce the best possible outcomes.

Perhaps I’m ignorant, but isn’t that what coaching is?

I guess it’s true: sooner or later, everything is new again.


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