What I’m Doing Now

This is a Now Page. I last updated it on June 3, 2022.

If you want to collaborate on anything listed here, send me an email.

1) Writing

Every Monday morning (and a few other times throughout the month), I send some of the smartest people I know an email teaching the most interesting & helpful things I’ve learned.

While you might have missed all the editions up to now, you can sign up to receive the next one right here…

2) Placing Small Bets

I recently quit my job as Director of Operations at Tread Athletics to venture out on a different path.

As part of that, I’m adopting a Portfolio of Small Bets style of working.

You can see all my bets right here: https://treklaitis.gumroad.com

3) Reading

I’m a fairly voracious reader and have a particular interest in systems theory, history, certain strains of philosophy, good business books (of which there are few), among others.

I’m thinking about putting together a reading page like Ribbonfarm’s. We’ll see if/when I get to it.

4) Training

After a 4-year struggle to create a healthy post-playing career relationship with fitness, I finally had a breakthrough in 2021.

Right now, I’m following Renaissance Periodization’s Diet & Training principles and am going through some muscle gain / fat loss combo phases.

I don’t really share on this (for now), but it makes up an hour or two each day, so I felt it was worth mentioning here.