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What am I Doing Now?

Hey, thanks for checking out my now page!
I appreciate you taking the time to check this out.
This page exists as a way to document what I'm working on and perhaps most importantly, what I'm not doing.

Last Update: October 20, 2019

What I AM Doing

1. Coaching
After completing my first season as a coach with the Los Angeles Angels, I'm completing the responsibilities of the off-season while also bettering myself to be ready for next year.

2. Reading 
“In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time – none, zero.”
— Charlie Munger
I make reading a priority to become wiser, learn from people before me, and ultimately make better decisions. You can check out what I've read over here.

3. Writing
While my writing volume will necessarily decrease during the minor league season, I occasionally post thoughts over on my blog. It's another way I get to empower others to be better at what they do.

What I Am NOT Doing

Pretty much anything not on this list.

I spent the year after graduating college filling my life up to the brim with so many activities, goals, and pursuits that I reached a point of burnout. I now plan margin into my life to ensure that I'm consistently operating below my limit.

Another thing that margin allows is flexibility. I have space in my life for unique opportunities that arise. Because of that, I'm open to hearing about new opportunities, but do not feel obliged to take them if they cost me significant margin or do not align with how I'm deciding to live in the present.

Knowing what I am and am not doing is crucial to living the intentional life I want to live. I ask that you respect my choices.