Where Illegible Arbitrage Hides

You’ve heard it said that when everyone zigs, you should zag.

Or perhaps you’ve found yourself following the herd, only to have a trusted friend encourage you to turn around.

This ancient wisdom can help us navigate many of modern life’s challenges, and today it’s going to help us find Illegible Arbitrage opportunities.

All day long, you and I live inside systems. Some created by us. Most built by others.

Don’t believe me? Wherever you go today, ask yourself if the place you’re in existed without someone’s effort & initiative.

Each of these systems have 2 types of rules. 1) The explicit (legible) rules and 2) the actual rules (illegible “reality”).

A gap exists between the two and it’s in this space between what the system says (rules) and what the system wants (incentives) where one finds arbitrage opportunities.

When it comes to leveraging your story through Illegible Arbitrage, your willingness to branch out and build credibility outside the narrow scope of the systems you inhabit is the modern day zag.