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New Article: Coaching is What You Don’t Say

The lesson for you and me is this: coaches are artists, and great works of art are great because of the notes not played, the marble not present, and for coaches, the things not said.

Click the link above (or right here) to check out my latest article on why what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say when you’re coaching.

📚 Best of the Week

The best of what I’ve been consuming over the last week.

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1. 🗣 Best Story Wins by Morgan Housel

Two quotes I loved:

Novelist Richard Powers put it this way: “The best arguments in the world won’t change a single person’s mind. The only thing that can do that is a good story.”​

If you look, I think you’ll find that wherever information is exchanged – wherever there are products, companies, careers, politics, knowledge, education, and culture – you will find that the best story wins. Great ideas explained poorly can go nowhere while old or wrong ideas told compellingly can ignite a revolution. Morgan Freeman can narrate a grocery list and bring people to tears, while an inarticulate scientist might cure disease and go unnoticed.​

In a roundabout way, this article was the catalyst for Coaching is What You Don’t Say.

And by the way, I heard about this article from my friend Greg Revak behind Hockey’s Arsenal.

* * *

2. 🗣The 70% Rule: How to Move Fast and Break Things by Taylor Pearson

Early on in their company, Facebook’s internal mantra was to “move fast and break things.”​

It’s catchy and sounds cool, but moving fast and breaking things was not a good strategy until recently.

In the 20th century industrial economy, the costs of failure were extremely high. For example, if you laid the foundation of your new plant in the wrong place, you would have to deal with the consequences for at least a decade.​

But in today’s world that’s eaten by software, it’s far better to move quickly and deal with any peripheral wreckage. To ship the product before it’s ready. Adaptability is necessary to survive in today’s economy, which is why speed is so highly valued. If you move fast, you can always go back and clean up any damage left in your wake.​

But if you don’t move fast enough, you’ll lag so far behind it won’t matter that your path is spotless.​

There’s a lesson for coaches in there somewhere, but I’ll let you discover it. 😉

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