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“I subscribe to ~5 newsletters. Tanner’s has rocketed onto my can’t miss list. I really like how this guy merges ideas from a wide range of disciplines, and makes you think differently about coaching and life. Most newsletters disappoint. This one doesn’t.” –Cody Royle, Head Coach, Canada AFL National Team

“Big fan of the stuff you’ve been putting out. Almost glad that it doesn’t get a ton of interaction because it keeps people from getting better.-Rob Hill, Pitching Coordinator of Technical Development, Los Angeles Dodgers

Tanner’s an original thinker who challenges the norm, which is what I try to surround myself with as much as possible. 80 grade human being. Surround yourself with people like Tanner and sign up for Tanner’s newsletter.” -Ryan Orr, New York Mets MiLB Strength Coach

“You always find a way to present a topic that I didn’t even know I needed to hear, but was exactly what I needed.” -Kevin Nogueira

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