Seth Godin in black and white

Why Heroes are Better than Mentors

Seth Godin ruins everything I think about everything.

In an interview with Chris Do of The Futur, Seth gets questioned about his stance that we don’t need mentors. Instead of mentors, Seth says, we need heroes.

Will you take advantage of what the Internet has made available to you?

A hero with heroes

Everyone is called to be a hero. And all heroes need guides.

But guess what, a guide doesn’t have to know you exist.

Let’s go to Seth. (Start at 10:20 if it doesn’t already)

Everyone wants a mentor.

But if you’re claiming to be stuck because you don’t have a mentor, you haven’t realized what’s already available to you.

If you’re reading this blog post, that means that somehow, some way, you have an Internet connection.

Leverage this blessing and find your heroes.

Do you want to be like Seth Godin? Go to your local library and check out every book he’s written — then apply what he says.

Do you want to throw harder? Follow specific pitchers who are ahead of you and share what they’re doing (more on this soon).

Do you want to make an impact on your place of work? Align yourself with people who have done it and are sharing their advice.

It’s easier than ever to become like your heroes. Leverage what is readily available. People know this is true; few follow through.

Why heroes are better than mentors

Here are a few benefits of having heroes instead of mentors:

  • Geography isn’t a limitation. They can live on the opposite end of the world, and you’ll still be able to glean from their lives.
  • You can think to yourself over-and-over-again, “What would my hero do right now?”
    • This strategy worked great for me during my early days of velocity development. Thinking, “What would Casey Weathers do?” helped me to stay focused and put the work in. (I wasn’t within 2,000 miles of Casey at that time).
  • You can have multiple heroes and piece together aspects of these heroes to form your ideal self.
  • Heroes are generally becoming more accessible through social media, email, and their published work. You might have to pay to get to them, but that advice can be invaluable.
  • Heroes give you a road marker to follow. Want to be a particular type of person? Follow the people who have already done it.

On your hero’s journey, you have the opportunity to decide who you listen to.

The gates holding you back from access to some of the world’s most successful people are gone.

The only thing holding you back from the heroes you need is a willingness to use the Internet for more than cat memes and pissing matches about politics and baseball analytics.

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