The Uncommon Man

An animal has one goal in mind, “Survive.” Satisfaction comes when it accomplishes this goal in any manner. A successful hunt means another day above ground. Predator versus prey. Mere survival.

But we humans are not animals. We have a higher goal. Deep down, we have an innate desire to thrive. Yes, this is what we were born for. The common man shoves this innate desire so far down because he fears it. He fears what would happen if he dared to strive for something greater, so he bites the hook that seeks to reel him into a life called “Average”. How pitiful it is that the common man all too often lowers himself to the existence of an animal.

The uncommon man cannot settle for average. At some point, he realizes that he too has bit the hook and is getting reeled into a system where he will be like every other survivor. The voice of well-meaning people past echo in his mind. He fights these toxic thoughts.

He was unfortunate. He was never given the opportunities. Everyone else got lucky. Of course, he was the unlucky one. If only he could have been born into the uncommon man’s position.


The uncommon man rips the hook out of his mouth. Blood gushes from his lips but the uncommon man does not care. He will walk around with a hole in his mouth for the rest of his life if that means he does not live like the common man. Finally free from people’s folly, blood dripping to the ground, the uncommon man takes the first step of a life well-lived.

Who knows where this journey will take the uncommon man?

I fear that I am the common man.

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